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It鈥檚 never easy...
When it comes to family.

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forehead.The native soldiers obeyed.Pri▓vate Moyse refused, and was at once kill●ed.The story has been touchingly poet

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i●sed by Sir F.H.Doyle, under the title of  癜The Private of the Buffs.”67● “Last night among his fellow roug●hs, He jested, quaffed, and swore, A drun●ken private of the Buffs Who nev●er looked before.To-day, beneath the ▓foeman’s frown, He stands in Elgin’s place●, Ambassador from Britain’s crown,▓ And type of all her race. Poor, reck▓less, rude, low-born, untaught, Bewildered, a▓nd alone; A heart with Englis●h

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